Friday Favorites No. 2

Feb 26, 2021

Finally it's Friday. It's been one long week and things have been a little hectic. Maybe it's because it's the full moon. Who knows. But I am glad it's over. I am ready for this weekend. Small nerd has a sleepover with her best friend so that leaves me to clean the house without having to stop and watch a new TikTok dance or get a snack for the 16151522th time. I can also create a few more keychains for my shop since I finally got some bows. They aren't the correct bows but they will do.

Now lets get on with the Friday favorites with Andrea and Erika shall we? These never disappoint because I always have something I am favoriting throughout my week.

Recent purchases

I blogged about this new foundation I got. And I had only used it once. Well, sadly I used it for a few days and I will be completely honest with you all. It's bad for my type of skin. I have those forehead wrinkles you know? The kind from raising your eyebrows a lot due to my moods or the way people drive or the ignorant things people say. I have 40 year old skin. And IL MAKIAGE is made for fresh young skin that has literally NO wrinkles whatsoever. Luckily for me, I was able to return it and not get charged like I explained in my previous post.

Howeverrrrr... I have been reading a ton of reviews from Glossier. I have been using their stretch concealer and boy brow for years. And those two products have never disappointed me. I spent a lot of time reading over the past few days the reviews for their skin tint. Where it's "more skin, less tint". And a lot of the reviews are woman my age and older. With fine lines and wrinkles. Combination skin. They were saying this was by far the best foundation for older skin. Okay. I am down. It costs a lot less than my other brands I have been using.

And since I was reading reviews and browsing their minimal, yet pretty website... I came across their skincare items. Once again the reviews didn't disappoint and I think this will be perfect for my skin type. Sold. Oh, and I went ahead and got some new mascara. Time to change it up from Thrive for awhile.

Another few beauty items I found are the Morphe Vintage Rose pallet, some Glossier Wowder with brush to go with my skin tint, some lipstick by Elf called Taffy and some sugar lip scrub by Bliss. I love a good beauty haul.

Pins from Pinterest

I am an avid pinner on Pinterest first thing in the morning with my coffee. I found a few pins I can't wait to try over spring break.

1. Best vegan white mac and cheese by The Savory Vegan - I have made this over a dozen times though. But still... it's good. And the pin jumped out at me in my feed again.

2. Celebration mochi donuts by Oh Joy! - Dude. These look amazing. I have nothing else to say about this. But it's definitely at the top of my to-bake-list.

3. This colorful mama sweatershirt at Impressions Online Boutique - this purchase will more than likely not happen. Sunday is supposed to be 90 degrees. My AC system has already failed earlier this week. The weatherman says no more cold fronts or cold snaps. So buying this baby will be pointless and depressing collecting dust in my closet. 😒

4. Building your own photography mini studio for photos - I own an Etsy shop. And I am growing tired of searching for something to use as a backdrop for my listings. So during spring I will be trying this. It's fairly easy and cheap looking. I did this before. Well kinda. And I don't know what happened with my prop. Must have gotten lost in the move.

5. These crocs - and before you judge just take a look. One of the teachers at my work was wearing them and I was like wheeeeeeeeeeeere did you get those???????? I need a pair. And it's warm again so time to stash away the tennis shoes and boots and get sandals and wedges!

I am off to watch a movie and relax with my husband. Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh, and here is 10% off your first purchase from Glossier should you choose to buy something 💋


  1. I love reading your Friday favorites! Yay for getting some you time, I feel you on the snacks! I feel like a I get up to get a snack every five minutes! Vegan white mac and cheese sounds so yummy! Thank you for sharing!

    1. And I love reading your posts too! They’re filled with lots of fun!! Snacks are awesome. I really can’t complain. Only time I complain is when there’s none! The white Mac and cheese is amazing. Try it!!!

  2. I don't typically like crocs but those look cute!

    1. I don't either but these are screaming BUY ME!!!

  3. I am a sucker for makeup palettes! The colors are so gorgeous!

    1. It is so gorgeous!!! I really want the natural pallet now because the other natural pallets I have are old. Lol

  4. I’ve been using the Glossier mascara and cheek tint and I really like both!! I love natural makeup so it’s perfect for me!!

    1. I’m starting to like the no make up makeup look. I want the whole line of glossier!

  5. Mochi donuts? Those sound amazing. thank you for the update on your foundation. I love when bloggers give honest opinions and updates.


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