Ipsy Glam Bag Plus | February

Feb 24, 2021

After cancelling my Ipsy bag in December because I wasn't too thrilled about it (this was before you could choose your products) I kept coming across my feed about how you can choose now. So I signed back up in mid-January. And when February 2nd came, that's when they released the choice party.

First, they still choose 2 products for you. And then you choose 3 and after that you shop your add-ons. Their prices range from $3, $6, $10... and so on. But you have to act fast on the add-ons because they sell out quick. I mean how can they not sell out fast? You are getting high end beauty products at HALF the cost! It's like Christmas morning on choice day. Oh, and choice day is on the 2nd of every month thru the 3rd. You have only those two days to pick or they pick for you. So mark your calendars!

Now let's get onto the February bag!!

Isn't this bag the cutest??? Since February is Valentines Day, I got this cute red bag with gold kisses. I am actually using it to store all of my makeup tools. I have so many makeup bags from ordering makeup and they were dirty and falling apart.
They picked CALLYSSEE Whipped Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry Skin as their first pick. And I love face creams. For the longest time I never moisturized my face because I was always under the impression I didn't need it. Wrong. Everyone needs it. Even the greasiest of greasiest need it. You just have to pick the right stuff for your type of skin. And I have combination skin. I rate this 8/10.

From Ipsy:
Value: $34
Size: 2 oz, Full Size
Product Type: Moisturizer
What It Does: Like a soufflé for your skin, this moisture-rich whipped face cream softens, soothes, and repairs signs of damage with a cocktail of aloe vera, calendula extract, coconut oil, and organic green coffee. As soon as you smooth it on, your complexion will look and feel instantly healthier.
How to Use It: Apply it to your face and neck both morning and night.
More Reasons You’ll Love It: It’s vegan and cruelty-free.
About the Brand: This freshly brewed line of caffeine-based bath, body, and facial care products will pamper you from head to toe. 

I really REALLY liked this moisturizer! It has caffeine in it! Do you see the little coffee beans? There is no scent whatsoever. Which is a plus for me because I do not like scented moisturizers.

Their second choice was the Billion Dollar Brows Took Kit. I have made it very well known I have an obsession with the perfect eyebrows. So when they chose this kit for me I was SO excited. I use many different types of eyebrow pomades, powder and pencils. You can read about that here. I rate this 10/10.

From Ipsy:
Value: $56
Size: 3 CT, Full Size
Product Type: Brow Tools
What It Does: All the tools you need to groom your eyebrows: straight edge, stainless steel scissors perfect for trimming, pro-grade tweezers specially coated and designed to grab the finest of hairs, and an angled brush for applying powder and pomade.
How to Use It: Brush brows up with the spoolie and trim along the top of your brows then tweeze away strays. Fill in sparse areas with the brush then blend with the spoolie end.
More Reasons You’ll Love It: It’s vegan and cruelty-free.
About the Brand: After 15 years in the business, this brand is still going strong with a wide range of cruelty-free, professional quality products.

Next, we get to my choices. Now these are the products I chose for February's bag. I had a few options to pick from and it was really hard. One was Anastasia foundation. But I have enough foundation already and the shade looked a little darker than normal. And of course hand cream, mascara and some eyeshadow. I didn't pick the mascara because I use one specific brand and I only like that brand. I didn't pick eyeshadow because I have plenty and I have plenty of lotions and handcreams all over my house. In my purse. At my desk at work. I am good on that.

My first choice was the eye cream by Bye, Bye Puffy Eyes by Glow on 5th. I have dark circles under my eyes. And some wrinkles because of my age. And my eyes just always look so tired. Well maybe it's because I sleep only 5 hours a night. I can't help it. I like my nights and my early mornings! I don't want to miss a single thing! But for real though... I needed some eye assistance. And this was calling my name.

Let me start off by saying that this stuff is AMAZING! It has helped a lot. I have used it morning and night for the past couple of days and I have seen a big difference. The dark circles are starting to diminish. The wrinkles are fading ever so slightly. I mean, I can tell. And it makes your eyes a little puffy. And not in a bad way either. A little goes a long way and it's watery yet satisfying and moisture-like. Not too heavy. No scent. Which I like that. It doesn't burn. So I give this one a 10/10.

From Ipsy:
Value: $24
Size: 30 g, Full Size
Product Type: Eye Cream
What It Does: Formulated for all skin types, this cooling, caffeine-infused under eye balm is the closest thing to a magic eraser for dark circles, puffiness, and tired-looking skin.
How to Use It: Gently dab a small amount beneath both eyes until it’s fully absorbed.
More Reasons You’ll Love It: It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and made with organic ingredients.
About the Brand: GLOW ON 5TH is a 100 percent clean and cruelty-free skincare line designed with every skin type and concern in mind.

My second choice was hard. Because I didn't know what to pick. And since I love brushes, why not get some more? Rendezvous Brush Set by F.A.R.A.H is GORGEOUS! Even though I already have a nice contour brush from another brand, I figured my daughter would love it because she loves to contour with some bronzer I gave her. Also, I pretty much give my daughter any makeup I don't think I will use. I am cool like that. However, I kept the highlighter brush because the one I have now is rather sad looking. The brushes are soft and apply just the right amount of powder. But... my Marsh bag, if more brushes are in my choice, I will skip it. I want more product than tools this time. I rate this 9.5/10.

From Ipsy:
Value: $30
Size: 2 CT, Full Size
Product Type: Makeup Brushes
What It Does: This pro-quality duo makes contouring and highlighting a piece of cake. Use Chisel Contour 610F to apply and blend your contour flawlessly. Use Fluffy Highlight 628F to dust and build up your highlight—the tapered tip gives you expert control.
How to Use It: Mix and match these brushes to apply your favorite cream and powder products.
More Reasons You’ll Love It: They’re vegan and cruelty-free.
About the Brand: Think of F.A.R.A.H. BRUSHES as your one-stop shop for luxurious, high-quality, versatile tools.

My third choice was the best choice out of the whole bag. I couldn't wait for the Dew Balm by TYNT BEAUTY. I looooooooooove lip balms. And this balm is a multi-use balm. You can use it on your face as a dewy brightener. I won't be using it on anything but my lips because my skin is sensitive and I have huge pores. I don't need anything thick and greasy clogging my pores.

The metal applicator is what sold me. It's ice cold when you glide it on your lips! I live in Florida and it feels really good to put something nice and cold instead of a warm balm. A little goes a long way and it's just amazing. I rate this baby 10/10. If I could rate it more, I'd rate it 100.

From Ipsy:
Value: $28
Size: 20 g, Full Size
Product Type: Highlighting Balm
What It Does: Think of this innovative formula as a balm-meets-highlighter. It hydrates, plumps, and imparts a dewy glow—whether you wear it alone or over your makeup.
How to Use It: Apply a tiny amount on your skin using the built-in applicator and then blend for a dewy finish. It can be used on your lips too!
More Reasons You’ll Love It: It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.
About the Brand: The TYNT collection has created a no-fuss, 4-piece collection in a wide range of colors that enhance your beauty, not cover it up.

Next, were the add ons. Usually I don't do add ons because that's extra money being charged to your card. But it will come in your bag. The price ranges from $3-$20. And the reason why I purchased them? They were both $3. You can't beat that!

My first add on is BANILA CO Clean it Zero Pore Clarifying Cleansing Balm. I was sold by this because of the directions. For one, like I have said, I have huge pores. And they do get clogged and I have black heads and cystic acne. I wear a face full of makeup. And I needed something different than my makeup remover circle pads. It goes on like a greasy balm. It's not too heavy or gritty. It pretty much melts into your pores and cleans everything. It even cleaned the eyebrows. Then all you do is add a little bit of lukewarm water to your fingers and rotate small circles. Rinse and you are done! That's when I finish it off with my moisturizer and eye cream. I rate this 8/10.

From Ipsy:
Size: 7 ml, Deluxe Sample
Product Type: Cleansing Balm
What It Does: This innovative formula goes through three phases to melt away makeup—first it transforms from a balm to an oil, then into a milky cleanser as it comes in contact with water. It leaves skin feeling clean, soft, refreshed, and best of all—hydrated (which is key in cold, dry weather).
How to Use It: Massage a small amount onto dry skin until it transforms into an oil. Then rinse it away with lukewarm water.
More Reasons You’ll Love It: It’s made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, alcohol, or artificial coloring.
About the Brand: They believe everyone should live their beauty dreams to the fullest, and that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beautiful skin for a makeup look you love.

My last add on of course.... lipstick. I am obsessed with lipstick. Especially colors like this mauve-ish kind of color. Meet KARMELA COSMETICS Silk Matte Lipstick in Bitten. It's gorgeous. It has a mint smell to it. It goes on smoothly. It has a deep rose color to it with a hint of a clayish color. Not too shabby! It stayed put for a few hours. I did try and reapply and that was a no go. Matte lipsticks shouldn't be reapplied. It's entirely impossible to get it looking like it did first thing in the morning. Which will be the reason why I wait til I get to work to put my lipstick on from now on. I rate it 9/10.

From Ipsy:
Size: 3.8 g, Deluxe Sample
Product Type: Lipstick
What It Does: Who says you have to sacrifice clean for color? This matte lipstick is made with good-for-you minerals, oils, antioxidants, and vitamins AND coats lips in ultra-pigmented rosy nude color that lasts for hours without drying out your lips. A win-win if you ask us.
How to Use It: Apply it directly to your lips for a bold wash of color.
More Reasons You’ll Love It: It’s made without GMOs, phthalates, triclosan, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or talc.
About the Brand: KARMELA COSMETICS is dedicated to supporting women. They donate 10% of the net profits from every lipstick to organizations devoted to women’s healing and empowerment.

The grand total of my whole bag is $172!! And you know what it really cost me? $25 a month. I am telling you man... get this bag. The even have the Glam Bag X and that is a quartely box. But I'd rather get the Plus and get it monthly. It's 5-6 full sized beauty products. And now you get to choose not 1, not 2 but 3 beauty items!

What are you waiting for?? Head over to ipsy and join today!


  1. Haven't heard of this but looks like something fun.

  2. I need that bye bye eye cream!! My eyes don’t have bags, it’s just I need something to brighten them up, and I don’t want to have to wear makeup everyday! Thank you for sharing!

    1. This will definitely do the trick!! My eyes are slit brighter.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this Natalie- I just brought the Bye Bye Puffy Eyes- need that so bad too!! :)

    1. Yay!! Tell me what you think after you get it and used it. I swear by it now.

  4. I used to get Ipsy years ago but cancelled because I wasn't happy with what they were sending. Now that you have choices I just might need to try it again! Thanks for sharing your review!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Sign back up!! You won’t be disappointed!! Redo your profile and then you get awesome stuff and you get to pick!! But sign up before the first or you won’t be able to choose.

  5. I need that bye bye puffy eyes! No matter how much sleep I get I have dark puffy eyes!

  6. I had no idea they let you pick some of the items now, so that's good to know!! I'm sure it definitely keeps people subscribing so they aren't continually getting things they won't ever use. Thanks for sharing all of these! That lip balm sounds lovely.


    1. They used to not let you choose. This is new and I believe it was released in January. Because my December bag was filled with stuff I liked but if I was able to choose I wouldn’t. So I cancelled. Then they updated it because I think they were losing people. Now it’s considered the number one subscription box!! I can’t wait for March!!

      The balm is to die for!!!

  7. Lots of great stuff here! It seems much better if you can choose the products you want. But fun to have some surprises in there, too. I really like the makeup brushes and am long overdue on replacing my very old ones. Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


    1. In the beginning when you weren’t given the option, the bag was “eh”. Because it picked stuff I’d never use. Like exfoliating. I hate that stuff. My skin is so sensitive I have to use a gentle mild soap to do it.

      I just got the sneak peak of what might be coming in my bag and I am SO EXCITED!!

  8. I love that bag, so cute. The eye cream sounds really good. I've tried everything. I have really bad puffiness & dark circles. I think the puffiness bothers me more. Because it does make me look so tired always.


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