26th Annual Tampa Pro

Mar 15, 2021

My small nerd got her first skateboard on Christmas in 2019. That was the first wish she put on her Christmas list. Now I was very skeptical because a few years before she broke her leg on the 4th of July. I remember that phone call like it was yesterday. She was vacationing with my in laws and my husband and I were out on a date. As soon as we sat down and got situated in the booth... my phone rang. Devastating news I tell you. She broke her tibia and fibula clean in half. While playing on the playground. She is one tough kiddo let me tell you. Reason why I decided to go ahead and give her her wish.

Her dad skates. And he's been skating since he was her age. He used to live in LA and San Francisco, so there was a lot of places he was able to street skate. And luckily for me (because this is so hot), his skate friends got him on video.

So you can pretty much say I was lucky to have a husband that knew what he was doing so I wouldn't have to pay for lessons or camps. We had our very own personal trainer. But her hopping on a skateboard still gave me fears of the unknown. I bought elbow pads, wrist pads, knee pads, a helmet and even BUTT PADS! Yes! My fragile baby wasn't stepping foot on a skateboard without being swaddled like an infant in full gear. And you know what happened with all that safety gear? It is collecting dust in the trunk of my trailblazer. She won't use it. Refuses to. She even skips the one skatepark in our town that requires a helmet. She wants to skate freely, just like her dad did without any protection. Oi Vey.

Last year, about 2 weeks before COVID shut everything down and everyone went into panic mode, we treated our small nerd to a weekend trip in Tampa at Tampa Pro. By then she had been skating about close to 4 months and she already developed favorite skaters like Sky Brown, Leticia Bufoni and none other... Nyjah Huston. He is so punk rock. We stayed in a hotel right across the street from Busch Gardens (which was fun to be woken up by fire works galore - we all got out of bed and watched from the window).

We get to the skate competition and to our surprise... Nyjah was competing. And Tampa Pro was finally adding girls into the category! It was perfect. Right then and there, our small nerd knew girls could do anything boys could do. It was a proud moment for me.

Nyjah ended up winning. Of course. That kid is freaking amazing. He's sponsored by Nike. He's been doing this since he was a little boy. He's been through hell and back with family issues. And he always came out on top. I must say.... I was fan girling myself! HA!

Now there was a big compromise for mom on this trip. Because I don't skate. Never have and surely never will. Even though my small nerd begs me to try at least once. Nope. Not doing it! I haven't suffered any broken bones in my entire life and I certainly don't want to risk it with my old self. But I told them they owe me some Sprinkles Cupcakes. We detoured all over Tampa on our way home JUST so I could get them. They are hella expensive but I was happy.

We are already looking into Tampa Pro for this year. But since COVID is still bearing it's ugly face they keep pushing the dates back. First it was going to be mid April and now it's been pushed to October 2021. I only hope that this time Sky or Leticia will be there.

Have a wonderful week! I am off all week long for Spring Break. Today we are heading out to do some shopping and lunch with my mother in law. Let's see what I can find today!!


  1. Natalie, this post was so much fun! I love that your small nerd is following in dad's skateboard tracks! That is so awesome. As a skater girl myself from way back when (not a girl who skated but the girl who had the skater boyfriend), I just had all sorts of nostalgic flashbacks from this post and that fun video of your husband skating! You guys rock! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


    1. Thank you so much Shelbee! I had a lot of fun posting this too! I think I have seen that video of my husband at least a million times. It brings a smile to my face. He was skating all over downtown LA. The night shots are at 3 am LOL!


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