Friday Favorites No. 3

Mar 5, 2021

Thank god it's Friday. I just had to start this post off with those 4 words. Only one more week left and it's spring break and I get a whole week off. I wonder what in the world am I going to do. I did say I would create more bubblegum bead jewelry items for my shop. But I don't have the motivation to. And if I don't have the motivation then my products won't be top knotch. I can't have that.

So let me show you what I am faving from this past week. And just so you know.... it's more beauty products cause I am literally obsessed. Not gonna lie. And sorry not sorry!

I needed shampoo and conditioner. Like, really bad. I had been using this stuff called No Nothing because I have a very very VERY sensitive scalp/skin with a combination of eczema and psoriasis. Not fun. My hair is also very oily and dry at the same time. Which is super weird to say the least.
My scalp has been itching like crazy and the flakes have been building up more and more. I always wondered if it was because of my well water (which - it shouldn't because that is the most cleanest water I have) or is it the dairy I have been consuming? I just didn't know. And the No Nothing shampoo just wasn't living up to it's expectations. For one, I like some kind of scent in my shampoo and conditioner. Even if it's very faint. But NO smell at all? Yuck. All in all, No Nothing was doing exactly that. Nothing for me.
I decided to switch to Function of Beauty. Like always, Instagram and their dang campaigns and ads. You can customize your shampoo to fit your needs (lengthen, strength, deep conditioning, anti-frizz, split ends, volume, etc.). Now, you can order this online that way you can pick your colors and your own personal scent, slap your name on the bottles and you get some stickers to put on the bottles too.
But what if you are in desperate need to get them now? Because that was the boat I was in. I was almost out of my other brand (that did absolutely NOTHING for me) and I needed it fast. Guess what? Target sells Function of Beauty!! And you can still customize it! I explained it all here on my Instagram post.

And do you see who commented? Target and Function of Beauty! So stoked!!

I have finally found the perfect skin care regimen. And I am frigging OBSESSED! Introducing Glossier skincare edit. Of course with a few extras I bought too. And let me tell you..... my skin has never looked and felt so much better. It's dewy, bouncier, wrinkles and fine lines are disappearing gradually, pores are shrinking and blemishes/breakouts are slowly healing and going away. 

This skincare kit was only $50! And everything in this kit I use! I love it all. It should last me about 2 months. But I am still going to stock up on the full sized products here in the next few weeks. I seriously don't want to be without.

What's in this kit you ask? 

1. Milk Jelly Cleanser - you can use this wet or dry. I use it dry at night to get all my makeup off, then get a little bit of warm water on my fingers and scrub softly to finish cleaning. In the mornings I wet my face and then put the jelly on and clean my face. It is divine!!

2. Super Bounce - this stuff is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! It's a hyaluronic acid + vitamin b5 serum. I have noticed my skin "bounces" when I touch it. And it feels much more moisturized. Definitely getting more of this. It dries pretty quick too so that way my morning routine isn't taking forever because I am seriously pressed for time.

3. Priming Moisturizer Rich - hands down ya'll... THE best moisturizer I have EVERRRRRRR used. It's the perfect texture. Not too watery, not to thick. They describe it as "An ultrarich, buttery moisturizer". And it smells soooo dang GOOD! It's a keeper!!

4. Balm dotcom - it comes with 2 mini little tubes. One is not scented and the other is a slight rose scent with a hint of a rosey tone. But it's very subtle. Like it's a natural tint of rose. You get what I am saying? You can use this anywhere that needs it. It's considered "universal". Cuticles, lips, elbows. I have only used it on my lips and cuticles. It is very nice. I probably won't buy one alone though. I am not in need of it that badly. I will only get it if it comes in a kit. Usually it's a product of a few other things I need.

5. Futuredew - last and certainly not least... the futuredew. This stuff has to be one of my all time fave beauty items I have added. I have never used anything "oil-like" before. I was always worried it would break me out or look gross. Boy oh boy was I seriously wrong! It gives me a dewy fresh look and it smells so good. The directions say 2 pumps but I think 1 pump is just fine. And I have been doing this at night. I think this is supposed to be a day look because it's made to give you that fresh dewy finish. 

And of course I got a free perfume sample in their scent "You" and a nifty headband in the kit as well to hold my hair back while doing my face. The two other things I bought were the skin tint and of course I needed some mascara. What are you waiting for? Go buy it!

March 2nd came and you know what that meant? Time to pick my Ipsy choices and see what they picked for me! They did not disappoint. As usual!! But I will discuss this later when it's time to review it at the end of the month.

Amazon finds:

Real Techniques concealer brush. Only $4.99! when I clipped the coupon. I needed it to blend my stretch concealer a little better.

Samnyte Hair Finishing Stick. I have those pesky fly aways that need to be tamed. I read all the reviews and I was sold. Plus for 2 it's only $6.99! One at my office and one in my purse for when I am on the go!

Well, there you have it all! I am off to go out to dinner and enjoy my alone time with my husband while the small nerd is hanging with her grandparents that came to visit for a month. I also really got to clean this house and do some laundry. I promise to get to my readers and catch up! I have been super busy with work, dance and just plain out exhausted.

I have been partnering with Blog Meets Brand, so I will be posting some cool content soon.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will be able to see my posts more often than I blog. Because I am able to go go go and post as I go go go 😉


  1. I am always on the lookout for new health and beauty products and just found a great hand soap and sanitizer. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a fun Spring Break. #TrafficJam

  2. Just ordered that hair finishing stick. Looks amazing.

  3. I have really dry skin & scalp. I use a tea tree oil shampoo.I like that eye shadow palette. I love eyeshadow.

    1. I have used Paul Mitchell's tea tree oil and it BURNS my scalp so bad. I can't use anything minty. But I do loooooooove the smell!!

      I looooove love love eyeshadow!! Lately I have been using fingers and only using 2 colors. One for the whole base and then a shiny one for the corner and a little on the inner part.

  4. This is one of the first reviews that makes me actually want to try a product. Great info and enjoyable to read. Well done! Now I'm going to check out your IG feed. Thanks for adding your post to my link-up.


  5. These look like really great products! Thanks for taking the time to share detailed reviews about them all!



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