Friday Favorites No. 4

Apr 3, 2021

Hey guys! I have been a little radio silent on my blog. But I have a good excuse. I really can't help it either. I work. And when I come home, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of another computer since that's what I do all day, all week long. I am however very active on Instagram. I post daily and sometimes multiple times a day. Because I am always on the go this is the best way to update my life, what I beauty products I am diggin or just having a little fun on my lunch breaks. So follow me on there and we can interact! My username is of course, @thatnatalie.

This is so true. It is the gospel I tell ya(I made it in Canva so please feel free to use the image however you want. I don't care. I'm not strict whatsoever. Sharing is caring). Because in all honesty, skincare lately for me... has been a ritual. My husband has joined in with me on improving our skin and so has our small nerd. I haven't been able to post any sneak peaks of small nerd's Easter basket because she follows me... just put it this way.... it's my very own version of an Ipsy bag. So we can call it a mommy bag? Nerdy bag? Whichever.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I am OBSESSED with the Starbucks Pink Drink. I drank a cup everyday last week. To the point I got heartburn and I officially needed a break from it. I still love it don't get me wrong. I just needed a breather. But because of my obsession, I had to get a special cup for it. Behold the Pink Drink Cup. I am IN LOVE with it! There is a pinkish, milkyish color inside the cup with floating strawberries and glitter. Check out my Tiktok below and you will see what I mean.


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♬ Pink - Aerosmith

I ordered it from the sweetest girl in the world. She has an Etsy shop and she takes orders on her Instagram as well. Look her up @thepinkdrinkcup. It only costed me $45 WITH shipping! I have seen other sellers with prices over $55. I have even messaged a few of those other creators before coming across The Pink Drink Cup and they would not return my comments or messages. But TPDC answered me right away. Sold. I ordered it on a Saturday and got it on Wednesday. It is gorgeous. And all the Starbucks Baristas loved it.

Now, the Pink Drink can get pricey if you order it like me. That's why you can follow this exact recipe and have it at arms reach in your own home. After looking at multiple recipes online, this is the one that has the real ingredients of the drink. Hint: it has white grape juice in it. Not the berry berry hibiscus recipe. I've made that one before. Tastes NOTHING like the pink drink. At all.

I recently incorporated a different facial moisturizer at nighttime. My Glossier is considered a "priming" moisturizer and I like to use that before makeup. But I needed something at night. Touch In Sol has wonderful products. I use their Glassy skin balm and I have an eyeshadow stick coming. I have been using the waterful glow cream before bedtime. It has a grapefruit smell and it's got a gel-like consistency. My skin soaks it right up and I feel very hydrated. The amazing thing about it? It controls your sebum (oil). You gotta buy this stuff. I ain't lyin.

Just like Touch in Sol, there is LANEIGE Korean Skincare. It's "kbeauty". I am seriously loving this stuff. I ordered the lip sleeping mask in berry the other day. I have used it every night since and I swear my lips have been softer and the lines are GONE! It also comes with a cute little scooper to keep your fingers out of it. I am waiting for a few more items from this company.

Thursday is my day to sucker my husband into taking me to either TJ Maxx or Ulta because it's literally up the street from my daughters dance academy. We get an hour to ourselves so we take advantage. We decided to go to Ulta this time. And I am SO glad I did. Kylie Cosmetics is on SALE ya'll! I got all three of those palettes for $8 dollars each. It's blush, bronzer and highlighter. I got the lighter shades because I am so pale and when I go to dark it makes me look like a clown. It gave me a subtle glow all over my cheeks and nose. It is beautiful. A student complimented me! She said my makeup was stunning. I was like OMG for real??? That made my Friday.

I am screaming. Again. Friday was choice day for my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. I was seriously holding out for that Grace & Stella mud mask. That is the one skincare item I was really really reaaallllyyyy hoping for. And I did. It's like they were listening to me. I also got not 1 but 2 Item Beauty items! A face wash and a moisturizer! I was really wanting this brand too. If you know Addison Rae then you know. I have Trestique lipstick so when I saw they chose the contour stick for me (which has an angled brush with it!!) I was like YEAH BABYYYY! On point!!! Of course I had to pick the Ofra Cosmetics lip gloss. The shade was perfect and exactly the color I would wear daily. And the bag is gorgeous too!

Ipsy quotes this bag as "April's bag design celebrates the beauty of doing what feels natural to you". Once it comes, I will review it!

I posted these photos on Instagram sometime in the middle of the week. I was scared to. Because I didn't slap a filter on it to hide my flaws. Reason why I posted them without a filter? Because my skincare products that I have been religiously using twice daily is doing it's job. Fine lines are fading. And they are fading FAST! I am getting my natural glow. My pores have practically disappeared. I do have a few spots on my face where my pores are taking forever to get smaller. It's working though. And Rome wasn't built over night. Also - all blemishes and zits have cleared up. Now I am left with a little bit of discoloration from scarring from my acne.

Anyways - go enjoy your weekend! Happy Easter - xoxo

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  1. Hi. I miss getting the Sephora play box. I know they have some Faves lately, but I guess I haven't seen anything that I like that much to order. But I'm obsessed with make up too. I tried Ipsy too for a little while. That Waterful glow sounds good. I have really dry skin.

    1. I never tried Sephora’s box. I’m not really a fan of Sephora to be honest. They have such a limit on supply. Ulta is huge. They have everything. And the ladies are so much nicer. Well, the one in my town at least. Try Ipsy!! Their bags lately have been amazing. It’s like they hired a whole new crew or something.

      Waterful and all other products I use from touch in sol is amazing stuff. It’s from Korea and it is really nice. There’s no harsh chemicals either. Try it!

  2. I love the pink drink and will definitely be trying to make it at home with the recipe you linked! The waterful glow cream sounds amazing!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. I have yet to make the recipe but I will once I get all the stuff to make it. So if you make it before me, let me know how it is! I love that drink so much. But $6 a day (sometimes twice a day!) is so pricey!!

      The Waterful gel cream is AMAZING!!!!! Since I have been using it at night my skin feels amazing in the mornings. And it's hydrated and dewy looking. You gotta get it.

  3. I love your pink drink cup and that your nails even match!

    1. And I didn't even plan that! LOL
      Thank you :)

  4. What a lovely pink post!!! I don't have extra wonderful products, but for sure my skin looks it's best when I do have a routine/ritual, no matter how humble or more wonderful my ritual is.

    1. I just realized everything is pink!! Even though the Waterful is purple LOL. Must have been the filter :p

  5. Ok- love that cup and now very intrigued- what is in the Pink Drink? Should I try it? :)

    1. Uhhh YES!! It's their Acai refresher with coconut milk and floating strawberries. SO GOOD! And actually considered a healthy drink!! You should definitely try it! You will love it I promise!

  6. Replies
    1. Go get you one girl!!!! Try the violet drink too! Not as sweet as the pink drink BUT it's still good!


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