Evening Skincare Routine

May 20, 2021

Hello to all on this fine Thursday. I stayed home from work today because my little one wasn't feeling good. Yesterday was her last FSA testing for the end of the school year and she wasn't feeling good then. But she stuck it out so she could take her test. So today I get to just relax around the house, clean a little, catch up on some shows and blog!

Do you remember my morning skincare routine post? I said I would eventually update on my nighttime routine. It's just taken me awhile to do so. Been super busy to really toy around with my blog. And lately, with how busy I am, I find myself not being able to update my Instagram as much too. But next month when I am off for summer break, I have big plans and posts I am going to do. But first I will need to wear my child out.

Sometimes my skin needs a boost. Some TLC. Living in Florida the humidity is the devil. Plus I am a woman and we have those 7 crucial days each month that wreaks havoc on our precious skin. So when my skin needs some lovin... this is my go-to.

1. Glossier Milk Jelly - of course I start my double cleanse off right with lifting the makeup and impurities my face has collected throughout my day. I spoke about double cleansing in a previous post. Even though I sit inside and stare at a computer or huge glass bullet proof wall. There is the walk to and from my truck. At least 6 times a day during work. And of course all the other times when I get home.

2. Glossier Cleanser Concentrate - I was very nervous to use this cleanser because of what it's for. It's a clarifying face wash. The word clarify scares me sometimes. Because it means to "make or become free of impurities". I have sensitive/combo skin. A few reviewers said it burned their face or made it really red. I took that chance. And I am so so so glad I did. I use it every other day. It is gentle and not harsh. I love the smell and the overall texture of it.

3. Glossier AHA/BHA/PHA Exfoliating Solution - This is another holy grail from my stash. I use this a few times a week. It is safe to use daily per their website. But there are some that can't use it everyday. And I don't think I need it everyday. Because I like to switch it up to Glycolic Acid at night when I am doing other products. (You can't use Glycolic Acid with Retinol.. FYI!) This toning solution helps break outs and prevent future break outs, all while removing dead skin so my complexion appears smoother, softer and glowier. Love this amazing stuff.

4. Glossier Super Pure - I love niacinamide. Wouldn't go anywhere without it. It has helped improve my skin.

5. Glossier Super Bounce - You can't finish off your routine (I call it my ritual) without hyaluronic acid. Trust me. Don't skip it. But here's a tip - put hyaluronic on your face while it's still damp. That way your face soaks it up more. It works for me!

6. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado - oh man man man. I use this day and night. I'd put it all over my body if it wasn't so expensive! My dark circles are gone. My eyes are much brighter. No more crows feet/wrinkles. I look like a teenager. You definitely gotta get this stuff. You will thank me later!

7. Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask - I will be honest. I was really nervous to try retinol as well. Just the name retinol sounds spooky. I always pictured it burning your skin. But what it does is help with fine lines and wrinkles. And I have those pesky lines on my forehead I am working on. It's working but it's definitely taking it's sweet time. Which I am okay with. Rome wasn't built over night. If you use this or retinol, please make sure you are wearing SPF! You should be wearing it anyways.

And there you have it! What's your evening skincare ritual look like? Do you recommend anything I should try? Let me know!!

Oh! And if you would like to save 10% on your first purchase with any of those Glossier products, click here. Trust me. They got a new Ultralip they just came out with. I ordered 2! When they get here I sure will be doing a review!!

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  1. I always love seeing what other people use and their opinions! That eye cream sounds amazing! I think I need to treat myself to it!

  2. Yes!!! You gotta try it! My husband uses it too and it’s done wonders for him.

  3. I need to add more to my nightly skincare routine. I also want to try out that Glossier line.

  4. You will love everything about Glossier. I’m waiting on my ultralip. I’m gonna do a post about that!!

  5. Aw, Natalie, I hope your little one is feeling better! I was just telling my boys about her incredibly cool skater girl style! I had just bought a really cute pair of Vans for myself and my 10 year was complimenting them and I had to tell him how cool your daughter is! Thanks so much for sharing your nighttime skin care routine and linking with me!


  6. Thank you Shelbee. She’s doing much better. Just had a nasty cough. I love that you bought some Vans!! I bet they look amazing! What color did you get??

  7. I am glad that she is feeling better! I got the checkerboard slip on Vans that are in metallic rainbow colors! And I also grabbed up a pair of traditional ones in black and another pair in burgundy!


  8. Skin care is so important, especially at night. Thanks for sharing your routine and related tips.



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