Glossier Ultralip

May 30, 2021

I am really excited for this post. I've been waiting to post about this for quite some time. After Glossier announced their new product Cleanser Concentrate they surprised us with a new lipstick. It's been a hot minute since they released a new makeup item too. I am really crossing my fingers for a bronzer. That would be a game changer.

Introducing Glossier's Ultralip. I am not really a lipstick fan. I actually gave all of my lipsticks to my daughter because I just don't like them. Either they were too drying or I could never get the color I wanted. See, I wore this specific color back in high school from Estée Lauder and it was a rosy pink nudish color. It's been discontinued and I can't find it. I have wasted so much money on lipsticks that looked like the color but the moment I swiped it on my lips it was a complete fail. So in the drawer it sat.

I love a good balm. Especially when it's got a slight tint. I also like the look of natural color on the lips yet you can still see your lip color peaking through. Do you get what I am trying to say? Okay cool. But this balm is AMAZING. It's so buttery smooth, hydrating, buildable and overall lovely. I have gotten 3 so far and each shade is BEAUTIFUL!

Colors are Lucite (a soft peony pink), Portrait (a cherry blossom pink) and Ember (a deep mauve). I would say Lucite is my go-to. My favorite. Because sometimes I don't want any color, only hydration.

From the Glossier website:

The (cashmere) sweatpants of lipstick.

What it is: The rich moisture of a balm, the sheen of a gloss, and the buildable color of a lip tint, without the hassle of layering multiple products—it’s one tube, one step, one… Ultralip!

☁The balmy formula is a standout—it feels luxe, plush, and so comfortable (like pulling on a buttery-soft, well-loved cashmere sweater)—and immediately cocoons lips in smoothing shine and color
🌊Enriched blend of 4 molecular weights of hydrating Hyaluronic Acid draws in and holds onto moisture like a magnet for revitalized lips
🍉A nourishing three-oil blend—Meadowfoam, Jojoba, and Watermelon—locks in moisture so lips feel soft and supple
💄The pigmented color is buildable—swipe on once for sheerer coverage, and two to three times for a bolder look

My next color I am going to get is Villa (a dusty rose - which kinda looks like that color I wore back in highschool) and Fête (a watermelon red). There are a few colors I don't care for so those two would more than likely complete my collection.

Overall I rate all 3 so far a 10/10. But I will be honest about the color Ember... all I need is one swipe or just blot it on. It goes on rather dark because of my light complexion. I am G10 for reference.

So, what are you waiting for?! Go buy some! You seriously have to. You will not be disappointed I promise. It's the new hot item on their website.

You can save 10% off your entire purchase by clicking here and using my BFF code. Let me know what color(s) you get!

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  1. I love the look of these, I have never seen these before :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to The Weekend Link Up. I hope you can join us again today for Creative Mondays or tomorrow for The Wednesday Link Up. #TheWeekendLinkUp

    1. Thank you for hosting! These lipbalm/sticks are gorgeous!!

  2. They all look really pretty on your arm, but Portrait looks to be my favorite. I love a good lip balm with a bit of color too.

    1. Portrait is very pretty! It's a subtle pinkish reddish tint. Like watermelon. But Lucite is my go-to! I can't wait to get Villa.

  3. I'm always in the hunt for a lip balm that will also provide color so your recommendations have been noted. Thanks for sharing them.


    1. You are welcome! Let me know what color you pick!


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