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May 23, 2021

Happy Sunday everyone. I am going to make this post as quick as possible. It's a beautiful sunny day here in Florida and we're heading to the beach now that our little one is feeling much better from her baby cold. But this post should be pretty fun.

Remember I was with Ipsy? I did previous posts about them. The last box I received, it was extremely late and the customer service was just horrible. But that's not why I cancelled. I mainly cancelled because I am not THAT into makeup to the point I wanted stuff every month. I have one particular brand I use. Glossier. I don't wear copious amounts of eyeshadow and my eyes are way too sensitive to wear all brands of mascara. So I just stick to one kind. I like skincare. That's it. If there is a makeup I want to try, I just buy it. From Glossier of course. Because I like the no makeup makeup look. Ya feel me?

I came across Glow Addict a couple of weeks ago. Darn you Instagram algorithms. You just knew didn't you. And I am so glad. I went to their little website and did some research. Checked out their Instagram feed and whatnot. I liked what I saw. Like, a lot. They have a beauty bag for $13.99, a beauty box for $18.99, a skincare box (that's what I signed up for) for $24.99 and a XL Luxe beauty box for $34.99. Shipping is only $8.50. Unfortunately you will have to pay for shipping. But given that it's a small company and not huge like other big company subscription boxes where you have to compete with the influensters to get your PAID box first, I will stick with this. It's just perfect. And my box had EVERYTHING I need, want and will most definitely use.

What's in my May skincare box:

1. Skin2+ Intensive multi care for whitening & wrinkle care with Niacinamide - This one looks interesting. They are patches that go underneath your eyes and have little microderma needles. It's made to brighten underneath your eyes and get rid of wrinkles. Since my skin is rather sensitive, I am giving this one to my husband. Even though I won't be using it, that's okay. I like sharing skincare products with him because it's really fun! We are always trying new things. Retails for $20 dollars.

2. SkinChemists Rose Illuminating Glow Peel Off Mask - My husband and I used this last night. It was... rather interesting to say the least. I put it on as directed and waited about 15 minutes. But I think I went over the allotted time (15-20 minutes as per directions) because I got lost in the sauce in my Instagram feed. So when I went to the mirror, my face looked like straight up glass. It was pretty cool looking. But when I started to peel it off... ouch. My face is a little tender today. I do have sensitive skin so that might be the case. Or maybe I have already exfoliated twice this week. Not entirely sure. I like it but it won't be a frequent use. Probably once a month. My face is glowing though. I'll give it that. Retails for $51 dollars.

3. Riace Watery Super Sun Block EX SPF 50 - Oh my gosh. I am almost out of my Missha water SPF 50 sun gel and I have on the hunt for more SPF. Perfect timing. Now I don't have to shell out more money because it was in my box. SCORE!!! It retails at $25 and is imported from South Korea. But I found it for $10.

4. DERMA E Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer - This moisturizer is honestly what made me subscribe to this box. I have seen the reviews on Derma E and I have seen the TikToks from both dermatologists and estheticians that highly recommend this brand. This moisturizer "Visibly softens and helps smooths the appearance of deep wrinkles". Boom. I got it. I used it last night and oh my my my. It was light yet buttery and I woke up this morning super soft and moisturized and my face feeling plump. In a good way might I add. It retails at $18.81 on Amazon. It is $35 on their website.

5. Watermelon Superfood Jelly Makeup Remover 30ml - Like I said before. Double cleanse. And this will definitely be put to use. It controls sebum (oil), it increases antioxidants in your skin that will slow the ageing process and soothes irritated or dry skin. Scooooooorrrrrreeeee! Retails at $9.90.

Next I got 2 add-ons from their VIP section. And guess what. The total for these were... $5 dollars! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!

6. The Balm Vol. 4 Smoke Balm Eyeshadow Palette, Matte and Metallic Shades - I know I said I don't care for eyeshadows but this has the basic colors I like. And it's 3 colors. I can either go soft with a no makeup makeup look or I can vamp it up for date nights with my husband. It retails for $14.50 but I got it for $3!

7. Cala Urban Wet and Dry Brush - This one was an impulse add on honestly. Because it was $2!! I have a wet brush already AND I have a paddle brush for dry hair. But this one is for both wet and dry. I like that idea. I found one on eBay for like $12 bucks.

And there you have it! My May skincare box. I seriously can't wait for June!

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  1. I keep telling myself that I need to sign up and try this out. Such a good deal.

  2. Yes!! You gotta try at least this box! And they sell out too so I’d hurry and sign up

  3. I've never heard of this box and need to check it out! So many great products!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. You should see Junes box thats coming! OMG so many good things! Another Derma E Advanced Peptide & Collagen Serum! I already got the moisturizer from May's box so this is gonna be perfect now that I will have 2 things. Also, the blemish tools! I totally need that! You seriously can't beat the price of this whole box.


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