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Jun 6, 2021

My daughter has recently gotten into skincare. Just like her mama. Not only has she gotten into it, so has her dad.. my husband. We all have our routines and special needs. It is the cutest thing to walk into the bathroom finding my daughter applying her mask or spritzing herself with refreshing toner. I love it!

I have partnered with Bubble. I work with them to help spread the word of their products as well as their missions (like teen/tween mental health awareness). Not only do I post about it on my Instagram, we actually use it. Well my daughter does. It's not strong enough for my skin type. It is specially made for young skin. Although, I would LOVE to use it because it is seriously SO CUTE!

In my daughters stash:

Fresh Start Gel Cleanser - this everyday cleanser purifies skin without drying it out. The gel-based formula cleanses away pore-clogging impurities while simultaneously soothing skin—and without any harsh ingredients that can strip it of essential moisture. The end result: A complexion that feels fresh, clean, and balanced.

Break Even Balancing Toner - The perfect follow-up after cleansing, this everyday toner is formulated to restore balance, reduce redness, and help promote smoother, softer skin.

Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturizer - This soothing and ultra-hydrating formula restores moisture to leave skin feeling soft, calm, and protected.

Bounce Back Refreshing Toner - Perfect for on-the-go, this toner is an instant skin reset when oil or shine pop up. Spritz it on anytime of day for a quick refresh.

Come Clean Detoxing Clay Mask - This creamy Brazilian purple clay mask gently pulls out impurities, toxins, and other pore-clogging culprits for a deep skin refresh.

Wipe Out Makeup Remover - This makeup remover is strong enough to remove your favorite mascara and gentle enough to apply directly onto your skin with just your fingertips. No harsh rubbing required. My daughter doesn't wear makeup. Just the occasional clear mascara, clear brow gel and a little bit of pink blush. She uses this for a double cleanse.
All Bubble products are:
Free of denatured alcohols, parabens, artificial color & added fragrance materials
Cruelty-free and vegan
Made in the USA
Donate 1% of proceeds to non-profit organizations that support teens
They're supposed to be coming out with new products soon. I am really hoping for some SPF. We all need to be wearing SPF daily. Regardless if you are in doors or not.

If you are in store for some teen skincare for your offspring, then this is it! Use my code ITSTHATGLOW for 10% off your entire purchase. It’s free domestic shipping for orders over $39. You seriously can't beat that!

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  1. Great to get our kids started with some healthful routines!

    1. Oh yes! I remind her every morning and night; "time for skincare!" LOL - I wish my mother did this for me.

  2. Whoo I like the sound of these. I bet my Daughter would love these. I will have to look out for them :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to The Weekend Link Up. I hope you can join us again tomorrow for Creative Mondays #TheWeekendLinkUp

    1. your daughter will absolutely LOVE this stuff!! you should totally get it for her. it’s very gentle. even i use some of it. i bought myself a few items too :)


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