Glow Addict Skincare Box | June

Sunday, June 13, 2021

I am beyond ecstatic for this months skincare box from Glow Addict. I want to say this is by far, the BEST subscription box I have ever signed up for. And that's pure honesty. I wasn't paid for this, this is not an affiliate post... this is my true honest opinion. They do have other boxes for makeup/beauty but my main goal is to go makeup free by the end of the summer. I mean I will wear the basics I got from Glossier like cloud paint, boy brow and lash slick and a little bit of ultralip. But that's it.

Look at all those goodies! That's 5 FULL SIZED skincare items. One of them is tools. I couldn't wait to dive into this box and start using them all. I am going to do a little breakdown of each item. So I will do my best to make it straight-to-the-point.

In my May box I got the Derma-E Advanced Peptides and Collagen Moisturizer and I loved it. This month I got the serum to go with it! This product is amazing! I have very sensitive and dry skin so this is totally a holy grail for me and safe to use. Lately my skin has been purging (you can see my Instagram post about it here) so I had to give my face a break with a lot of my serums. This serum helps with wrinkles, fine lines and moisture. And then to partner it with the moisturizer helps a lot too. I will definitely repurchase this.

Next is from Dr. Botanicals. I got the Lemon Superfood all-in-one Rescue Butter and Kiwi Superfood Cooling Eye Serum. I made the mistake and put the lemon butter on my face and realized it's for my hands. HA HA! It's okay, it only clogged my pores a little bit but I fixed it. So.. for future reference this stuff is intended for your hands. Unless you want to feel like you slathered your face in lard.

I have never used an eye serum before so this was quite interesting. I couldn't really figure out how to apply it so I made the mistake and put the dropper under my eyes but the serum just ran down my face. I think a small drop on the hands and rub your hands together then apply is the correct way. So, duly noted. But all in all - I loved these two items!

Okay so this collagen eye cream by Lunes is my 2nd favorite item from this box. I loved it! It didn't burn my eyes and it made my eyes look good! It really helped with what wrinkles and fine lines I have leftover that my serums and treatments haven't touched since using them for the past 3 months. Add this to another holy grail list of mine.

I can't find where you can purchase this online right now. It looks as if it's only available wholesale. You can find them on eBay and Mercari.

THANK GOD this was in my box! I have a habit of popping my pimples and blackheads. I know I know... you aren't supposed to do that! That leads to scarring, tearing and worse... spreading bacteria. You can even shove the infection further down into your skin. Did you know that? Yah.. no good man. No good. So try and resist!!

Okay, so these tools you will have to purchase here. They aren't available over here and I believe it's only available wholesale if you buy in the USA. This is an affiliate link though. Use my code BCREWGLOW to save 10% off your order. It's like Amazon but it's over seas and it's mad cheap. I have a few items coming my way (makeup brush cleaner and gel polish lamp!!) so this website is a hit for me!

Well, that's it for this months box! I have one more week left of work. My daughter is finished with 4th grade and after next week, it's our time together. I have been looking forward to this since starting my job last November. I can't wait to be with her and do mommy/daughter things.

I will post more here of course. I have a few post ideas churning in my head. I just have so much to talk about I don't know where to begin. I am so sorry I haven't been frequent flyers to my blogger pals. But, like I said before in many posts.. I am really REALLY active on Instagram. TikTok has been fun too!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I am off to clean! But first, skincare and coffee LOL!


  1. This box looks full of incredible things! I love your goal to be makeup free by end of summer!

    1. i seriously love everything about this box. the shipping speed is amazing as well. it came right in time.

  2. How does this box differ from IPSY? I have been thinking of jumping ship and this post has me intrigued!

    1. well this box is skincare only. no makeup items at all. they do have a beauty bag, beauty box and beauty XL. but in the XL the box has some items from each other box mixed in one. i didn’t really care for that or the beauty because i like a specific beauty brand i use. you should seriously make the leap. it’s a small company and their shipping time is on point where as ipsy always has delays and problems since they ship directly through DHL. this company ships through USPS. that’s why they charge for shipping. i’m okay with that!

  3. Looks like a great box. I love trying new things.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Mondays #CreativeMondays

    1. I love this box! So many goodies and even up and coming companies too!

      Thanks for hosting!

  4. The pimple popper kit would be something I would want. I try not to pop them when I get them, but I do and these tools are what my esthetician uses on me and I need them. That eye cream looks great.

    1. I have a good sized pimple that needs to be popped because I can't stand to look at it. That's my issue. I give into temptation when it comes to blemishes. LOL


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