happy summer break

Jun 22, 2021

well i made it! i am officially done with work for a whole month. i am home. i have gotten so much stuff done since my last day was thursday of last week.

here's me and lou (that's my nickname for her) on our way to the school (don't worry - we're at a stoplight). that was the longest week of my life because we had to work 10 hour shifts. it was boring. like, very boring. so boring my daughter was excited to be there at first until her first day being there. then she didn't want to go back HA! so luckily for us, she went with grandma.

so.. what's been up with me lately? not really much to be honest. i've been doing a lot of skincare posts over at instagram. and it has been so much fun! i've managed to get a few more collabs with companies. all i can say is the mailman/dhl/fedex probably think i have a shopping problem.

i am an affiliate with wishtrend. i believe i may have mentioned it here on my blog somewhere. or maybe it was my instagram. anyways. i love the brand i'm from. it's gentle for my skin and the minimal packaging are gorgeous. i've used the mugwort mask many times and last night i used the rice toner. talk about invigorating for my skin. which has been needing some tlc lately.

speaking of my skin. oh boy. i have destroyed my skin barrier. for the second time. and this time was worse then the first time. it caused my skin to purge.

oh.. purging is when you use a product that has an active ingredient which causes it to speed up the process of your skin issues. with me, it's acne. so i had a bunch of pimples below the surface of my skin... hiding. and what it did is they all appeared over night. at once. and they were painful, gross, inflamed and just all around funky looking. so i am in the process of fixing it. which sucks because it's time consuming and takes forever to heal.

my face was tight, burning, itching, waxy looking, uncomfortable and felt so dry. i couldn't even wear makeup. at times it woke me up in the middle of the night it was that bad. and i blame this all on fricken tiktok skincare trends and brands not intended for my skin type. which just so happens to be severely sensitive and dry. talk about ouch. but it's healing and i can tell the difference.

until i came across krave beauty's great barrier relief: skin barrier restoring serum. it has been a life changer so far. no lie.. it arrived yesterday and i couldn’t wait to use it. so far i’ve used it twice and my face feels SO MUCH BETTER! it even looks better! i have those 2 volcanoes as i call them on my chin but they look a million times better than what it did last week. you couldn’t even touch them with water they were that sore. but not anymore!!

my face is back to glowing. texture feels normal again. a little tightness yes but rome wasn’t built over night. i’ve said that before many times and i’ll continue to say it. i am just so happy.

i’ve seen some reviews where other users complain of the smell being nasty because of the tamanu oil, which is derived from tamanu nuts. i will compare it to crushed walnuts. that’s what it reminds me of. and it’s not bad at all! i actually like it.

so now i can go back to taking pictures of me again 😂

**oh.. and for a little disclaimer - the only editing i did of these photos is brightened the opacity a teeny bit because my room was a little dark this morning. but no filters or texture smoothing of my face. this is the real deal!

speaking of soothing and calming skincare... i found ANOTHER product that helps with sensitive and dry skin. it's called elmt. i've used this twice daily and it's helped tremendously. you can even layer it. i love it so much i bought 2 more different toners. so now i can layer all 4 toners both AM and PM. you can look up the instagram account myskinisglass. he shows you how it's done. i seriously envy that guy. i want his chok chok skin.

yesterday i promised lou i would give her a facial. our very own spa day. i love how she likes skincare just like her dad and i. her skin looked so glassy afterwards. wish i got a photo of it.

last interesting thing but not the least interesting thing is lou's artwork. she has practiced so hard and it takes her days to complete a sketch. geez. my little lady can skate, knows all about fashion, can edit like a boss in tiktok (she helps me with my tiktoks) and can draw/paint/sketch. bloody brilliant i tell ya.

anyways. i'm off like a prom dress. i got more things to do on this fine tuesday summer break of mine! have a wonderful day and rest of the week!


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  1. I love reading about skincare routines and new products! Thanks for joining the #WowOnWednesday link-up.

    1. i love skincare! it's all i talk about LOL!

      thanks for hosting :)

  2. Thanks for sharing these new products! The Great Barrier Relief sounds wonderful! Your daughter's artwork is amazing!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. the barrier relief literally fixed my skin in less than a week. it feels so much better. im going to use it for a couple more weeks and then i will stash it away for when i do it again. because i will. new skincare excites me LOL

  3. Lou is quite the little artist!

    1. i agree! thank you :) i have her artwork hanging all over my house and office

      thank you!

  4. Your daughter's sketches are great! Hope you're enjoying your time off! :)


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