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Friday, July 16, 2021

i don't really like to style my hair. well... i mean i don't like to blow it dry. i like the idea of air drying my hair to get that natural wave and at times i use my wave maker to create more waves. but i haven't been using it lately since i have been on vacation. which ends this weekend since i go back to work.

so for today's friday post, instead of doing a list of different things i am faving – why not list my favorite hair care products. cause after all, your hair is just as important as your skin.

as i said above, i don't like to blow dry. my hair is very fragile. i blame age and many years of coloring, perming, bleaching and of course... age. it is a known fact that your hair changes every 2-7 years. i have noticed over time, my hair is a lot thinner [and oilier] than it used to be. i can remember the days in high school where i sported a cute bleach blonde bob and it was super thick and bouncy. oh how time has not been good to me. now my hair is dull, flat and oily. plus i have eczema on my scalp so i have a lot of skin build-up. that's why i am dairy-free.

i do not wash my hair everyday. that is also another known fact to not do. i would say i wash my hair every 2-3 days [i'll get to more on that here in a few]. but, i have learned many savvy tricks to achieve that fullness look, without wearing extensions or using harsh chemicals. or blow drying my hair... upside down and a big circular brush that literally rips my strands right out of my scalp.

and when i am in between washes, i grab a dry shampoo and toss my hair up in a messy bun. that is my go-to hair style anyways. especially living in florida. i refuse to cut my hair off this time. lou [my daughter] has long blonde hair herself and she has begged me to not cut it. to have long hair like her. i'll be honest, i have thought about taking some scissors and cutting it all off myself on certain days. but i digress.

so, without any further ramblings... here's my faves:

1. the ouai hair & body scrub - this stuff is AMAZING. i will be frank about this product... i can only use it once every 2 months. because it strips my hair so bad. it creates a lot of volume and it gets rid of the flakes on my scalp and impurities [i have well water]. i just have to follow up with a deep conditioner. which i will get to in a moment. OH! and you can totally use this on your body. it's gentle yet effective.

2. the ouai wave spray - oh how i love this spray. i use it after washing my hair and letting it air dry. then the next day i use my wave maker and spray it again to "lock in that wave". i do not use hairspray because it's irritating and contains alcohol. i don't like alcohol in skincare or hair care products. it's too drying and given the fact i have a sensitive scalp and sensitive skin, i stay away from it.

3. gisou honey infused hair mask - okay so i know those with oily hair shouldn't use a hair mask. not true. i use this hair mask once a week and it makes my hair bouncy, soft and shiny and oh the smell is divine. it also makes my hair stronger. i have noticed some breakage at the root of my scalp. gisou has helped in many ways. it's pricey yes, but worth it.

4. gisou honey infused hair oil - for the hair oil, i tend to use only a small amount at the ends of my hair to help any strands that may be splitting. since my scalp is oily i don't want to create more oil. if you get what i mean. but oh my goodness this oil smells so good. what i really want is the hair perfume. i can only imagine how good that smells.

5. odele air dry styler - as i mentioned i do not blow dry my hair. i love to air dry. so when i put this styler in my hair it gave the look as if i did blow dry my hair. it created volume, controlled frizz and flyaways and i went an extra day without having to wash my hair. it tamed the oil production on my scalp. now it does go on rather sticky but once your hair dries you won't even know you put product in your hair. and it's at target for $11.99! oh that is a win on that!

so there you have it! enjoy your upcoming weekend! be sure to check me out on instagram and tiktok. i'm more active there than here.
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  1. I've been in a hair rut this year and was excited to read your product reviews! I'm definitely checking out the Odele Air Dry Styler and Gisou hair mask!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. You will LOVE Gisou!! It smells like honey. It’s so creamy. The Odele air styler has been a lifesaver I tell ya. I will never pick up another blow dryer.


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