friday favorites no. 8

Jul 2, 2021

hey hey hey! it's been awhile since my last friday favorites. i have no excuses to why i haven't posted one. i guess i was just too lazy to figure out what i am faving at the moment. or maybe it was just way too many to list. so i figured i would take the time and do a post. i honestly have nothing else to think of at the moment. so here it is!

from top left:

1. abib heartleaf calming serum - since destroying my skin barrier, this serum has been a life saver with calming the irritation.

2. krave beauty great barrier relief - here's another product that helped repair my damaged barrier. listen. if you have ever damaged your barrier, then this is the healing serum you need. trust me. yes, it smells like walnuts. but it speeds up the process of healing your face. it also helps heal blemishes too.

do you know what a damaged barrier feels like? i can sum it up for you. a bad sunburn but without the red "burn" look. it itches. burns. your face is tight. your face breaks out in painful cysts and acne. you look waxy... not dewy. you look greasy but there's no "oil". and your skin has literally NO texture. you feel like the smoothest surface imaginable. it doesn't look good at all.

3. glossier niacinamide - need i say more? this is the only serum i have been able to use while repairing my barrier. it's helped with the blemishes, my black/white heads, closing my pores (again!) and smoothing out the fine lines and wrinkles.

4. by wishtrend hydra enriched ampoule - this serum came in handy at the perfect time. it has helped restore the hydration back in my skin. it feels amazing.

5. laneige cream skin toner and moisturizer - this has since been renamed to "refiner toner" but it's the same. i absolutely LOVE this toner. my husband keeps using it and i'm about to hide it because i'm terrified to run out.

6. missha sungel 50 SPF - honestly the best sunscreen i have ever used. hands down. this is my go-to. it's a holy grail. it blends in nicely, it smells pretty (but not too heavily scented) and moisturizes my face a little more. plus it has prevented me from getting burned.

7. glossier futuredew - sometimes when i want a dewy look but no makeup, this is my go-to. all you need is one pump and you are good to go. you gotta invest in this stuff.

8. the ordinary glycolic acid - now don't laugh or judge... i do not put this on my face. it is way too concentrated and burns my face. i put it on my underarms. this is my second bottle. and no lie... i haven't had an odor of ANY for almost 2 months. i can actually go days without deodorant. even if i'm doing an activity out in the sun. you should seriously try it. by next year i will be deodorant free! oh, and it's also helped with my excessive sweat!

9. elmt advanced calming solution - this brand is a lifesaver. i have all 4 of the toners but this one is my holy grail. i dab a drenched cotton ball all over my clean skin after washing every morning. such a good feeling.

10. la roche-posay cicaplast balm b5 - another barrier repair cream. i use a pea size in the mornings as a moisturizer. that's all you need. i would use the barrier relief i mentioned above, but i don't want to smell walnuts all day. i love this stuff.

11. gisou hair mask and hair oil - omg this stuff is amazing. i got the sample size (because holy mother of god it's expensive) to test it out and see how it is. this is the only mask that hasn't made my already oily hair... oilier. i smell like honey and my hair is so silky smooth. i hide this from my husband as well LOL.

12. laneige sleep lip mask - i wear this nightly. it has improved my lips, got rid of fine lines and my lips are smooth. no more chapped lips for this girl!

you can shop my shelf here.

enjoy your weekend! only 18 more days til i go back to work!


  1. I've just started using cleanser and some moisturizer for my face and I am always fascinated about other's beauty regimens.

    1. same here! download the apps picky and brandefy and you will get lost in the sauce of skincare products!

  2. I love the lip mask so much. It is amazing. And it lasts for years. I have heard great things about Ordinary products, but have never tried them.

    1. i use mine every night and i got it a few months ago. im half way through it. it won't last me a couple of years LOL

  3. My niece is turning 16 and she requested so many of the Ordinary's products- I must have purchased like 8 serums for her!!

    1. be very careful with the ordinary. they are really concentrated. i would look into bubble skincare for her.

  4. You had me at dewy look without makeup! And YAY for SPF <3

    Green Fashionista

    1. You will LOVE futuredew!!! I’m wearing it now!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your favorite skin care products, Natalie!


    1. Anytime! I hope you try some of these products! They are amazing!


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