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my name is natalie.

i am 40 years old and i currently live in sunny florida. deep down south. close to the equator.

nah… just kiddin. i’m not that far 😂

i am a mom and a wife. i work full time for the school system at a high school. i have an adult daughter and a elementary aged daughter.

i have been a blogger/social media blogger for the past 18 years off and on. i enjoy meeting new people with the same interests as myself. i’m part extrovert and on some days an introvert. depending on my mood.

i like to cook and bake. and when i’m lazy i order pizza. i drink coffee way too much. i laugh really loud. and i cuss. a lot.

when i am not blogging or at work, you can find me on my boat or at the beach. but majority of my free time i’m on my couch, with a cup of coffee watching none other than the news.

i started my skincare journey at the end of february when i was browsing the internet. the first products i used were glossier. i saw major improvements so i kept going. i decided to create this blog to find others like me and learn more. skincare is quite addicting but so much fun!

i have met so many people like me and have built such a big online friendship with other skincare gurus such as myself. they’re my second family.

another thing i love doing is product reviews. i like to give my honest opinions and share what products work for me. it’s a learning process. i’ve hit some bumpy roads along this journey with damaging my skin barrier twice, what works and what doesn’t and overall skin health. trial and error. rome wasn’t built over night as i say.

thank you for visiting my blog, commenting, subscribing and interacting with me. it has been a pleasure.

xo 💋

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